Smart! Grupo Creativo

Wanka House

Cariló, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The house responds to the natural forest context and it is built on the last available lot near the beach. From the back of the house, we can see the ocean; from the front, the street and the woods, and a few meters away we can see Avutarda 670 House. The house has a half-buried level for services related to the swimming-pool area. On this level, the social floor is located; there is continuity between the inside and the outside with its swimming-pool, the barbecue area and the garden. The bedrooms are located on the upper floor in a white box-shaped construction that floats out from the main structure at the back covering the terrace of the dining room and protecting the barbecue area at the front. This volume floats to rest on a column that deflects the structural load, disappearing into the water mirror. At the top level, there is a rusty wooden look-out. The access to the house creates different sensations as we go through. There is enjoyment; the routine and chaos of big cities are left behind.