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Wallas House

Villa Gesell, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Wallas House is located on lot on a flat corner, without trees. There is chalet of the seventies as the existing construction and memory of the seaside resort of Villa Gesell. The owners´ initial idea was to preserve this house without a clear idea how to do this and why. The architectural study proposed to maintain the built surface for the barbecue area, garage and guest house without altering the original facade. The new house was designed as an “L” that comes from the original construction and finishes on the corner. In this way the interior area is closed to the outside. On the ground floor the kitchen, the dining room, the living room and the entrance to the property on the social side of the house were located. From the hall the other section of the L-shaped construction was built, for a private area that includes a bedroom with dressing room and bathroom. Finally, upstairs the rest of the bedrooms, the bathrooms and a study room work are located.