Smart! Grupo Creativo

Tempo House

Cariló, Partido de Pinamar, Argentina.

The project was designed around a specific design problem:  to satisfy functional, aesthetic, and semantic needs. The house, situated on a 1032 m2 corner lot in the city of Cariló, is lifted above the natural terrain level due to the low height of the terrain and the area’s restrictions on modifying the natural topography. This creates an indirect link -visual rather than functional- between the house and the lot. The program is divided into two wagons, separating the private from the social areas. These wagons, which are placed in an L shape and are separated by half a level, open to the garden at the front façade as it engages the street. The hierarchical access created by the house height and the various entrances of sunlight become the link between the different architectural volumes. This disposition offers flexibility of use to the residents of the house and protects their privacy. The play of sunlight created over the different textures, which was paramount in the development of the project, makes the architectural experience rich to the senses and variable through time.