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Salve Parking Area

Cariló, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Salve Parking Area aims at: providing shade and protection from hail and pine cones. Another requirement to be met was that parked vehicles had to be out of direct view from the street. Years ago, at the back of the lot Estudio Galera built the barbecue area of the house. For this new project the client wanted to have the parking area at the front of the lot and its central part was reserved for the construction of the future house. The predictable excavation for the foundation of the house (in project process) required a lightweight structure that could absorb the movements that would necessarily occur. A 6 x 6 meter- covered area, unit required to take advantage of profile strips and tubes. Two columns aligned at the back, partitions to delimit the lot and two tensors, an inclined plane above the area without supports provide better maneuverability and protection for the family vehicles.