Smart! Grupo Creativo

Pioneros House

Villa Gesell, Partido de la Costa. Argentina

In order to adapt to given by the program budget, we opted for a proposal on a single rectangular, compact plant, minimizing the perimeter and thus saving on insulation, carpentry and heating during the use stage.
The ribbon-shaped casing protects the worst orientation, while it grows and gains in height in the public area, to receive light from the north and part of the street. The tape materialized in black corrugated sheet metal, has an angular offset relative to the container, giving greater dynamism to the changing situations and generating form of light and shadow.
The intent in distributing the program was to create a barrier to the south consists of services and can ventilate and illuminate north all the first-class environments. This core service is interrupted to allow the intern in the public area of ​​the house linking the courtyards of foreground and background where the house wins higher. This is reinforced by the through-free plane of concrete cantilever whose ends join both seek patios.