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Jaima House

Cariló, Partido de Pinamar, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Jaima is the fourth residence of a series of concrete houses built by the firm EstudioGalerain a small neighbourhood in the south of Pinamar.

A 1700-square-metre plot bordering an ‘urbanized’ forestgives the possibility of settling down in a context of pines and dunesin the shape of a small urban appendix calledConstancia Neighbourhood. This peninsula of‘domesticated’ forestis set inside an un-plotted massif on the edge of Carilo city.

In order to maximize the connection with the natural surroundings, industrializedresources –such as PVC cubes used in the slab- were incorporated. The brief focuses on devisingcomfortable spaces in which the rusticity of the environment becomes an asset rather than a setback.

The house finds its conceptual and argumentative principles in the Arabic tent or Jaimaeven though it was not expressly inspired by it. The dwelling concentrates the life of the nomadic family under a protective cover supported bymetal columns-specially built for the house by the firm- that end in solid beams which work as capitals and articulate the shifts of slope on the cover.The coffered slab simplifies the structure by generating a web of beams which order the rest of the elements on the façade and plan. In the outside, the slab resembles a piece of cloth fixed to poles at varying heights generating shade and protecting the occupants from the weather, just like a jaima.