Smart! Grupo Creativo

Impala House

Cariló, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Impala House is a box, a big container, built in the forest of Cariló, in front of a forest reserve. The residence indirectly touches the terrain with a plinth that nestles the services.

The lot, which presents a strong transversal change of level, inspired a spacious public plan that takes full advantage of the terrain. From the top of it, the landscape dominates the views and then melts away with the lot in the solarium/swimming pool.

The house, set as a strip, is oriented to the north and connects to the lot at the time that secures views of the forest reserve. Bearing this in mind and occupying the widest length between setbacks, a ‘piano nobile’ which goes through the public area of the house was projected.

In the search for a sensitive experience and the perception of the constant change of space, different games of light were created –concrete skylights, glass brick floor in the access, concrete pergolas and zenithal lighting in the bathrooms.

The studio looks for the use of an honest materiality. Iron, stone, aluminum, wood and concrete adapt to the environment and collaborate to a low maintenance.