Smart! Grupo Creativo

Galatea House

Cariló, Partido de Pinamar, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Galatea is a vacation home built in Constancia neighbourhood, in a four-block-appendix in the south of Cariló, a seaside town situated 400 km from Buenos Aires.

A coastal home is generally uncluttered, reflecting a rustic holiday lifestyle. This house was built to be rented during the year, so there was not a specific program of needs except from some conditions of accessibility and circulations.

On an almost-level corner lot and slightly lifted from street level, the L-shaped house opens to the west liberating the centre of the lot at the time that places the prisms nesting the functions, as permeable edges towards the city.

The residence presents an ambiguous relationship with the outside. The visual continuity of the interior is only randomly interrupted by pivot brisoleis which produce a playful and strongly personal character as the circumstantial occupants can temporarily modify the façade depending on their preferences or needs. To the longest street, a system of prefabricated concrete ‘scales’ allows the entrance of sunlight and closes the views of the internal circulation from the street. Facing a pine reserve, the social areas dominate the surroundings by been lifted from the lot level while a system of pivot brisoleis solve the different degrees of openness.