Smart! Grupo Creativo

Victor Hugo Building

Ostende, Partido de Pinamar, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Placed in the central area of Pinamar County, this multifamily building pretends to become a point of development as it stands in the most populous part of the city. This sector contrasts with other highly consolidated and high quality urban areas –mostly chosen by tourists in high season- which offer well-equipped infrastructure, services and good access to urban facilities.

Its location, scale and hallmark turns the building in Victor Hugo Avenue into a reference point and meeting place in a city which, until now, lacked attractive urban landmarks. The continuity of the sidewalk, the semi-covered spaces –which provide shade in summer as well as protection from rain throughout the year- along with the urban furniture –not completed yet- and the liberation of the corner were all decisions taken to ensure social gatherings.

The games of lights and shadows come back as a topic to be treated in this project. Changing spatial perceptions are created by the treatment of pergolas, perforated concrete brisolei and trellised mezzanines.

The details are characterized by a formal austerity, economy of materials and low maintenance cost of the building: concrete handrails, galvanized metal trellised mezzanine floors and glass brick walls were designed.