Smart! Grupo Creativo

Batin House

Pinamar, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This holiday house was located on a corner lot surrounded by pine trees. Two overlapping boxes on the corner create an “L” on two levels. Three bedrooms and two bathrooms are located on the upper floor. Below this level, the partially covered garage and a volume containing the barbecue and other services areas are located. On the ground floor there is a double concrete wall with expanded polystyrene core, which serves as a thermal insulator and noise protector. On this level there is a bedroom with a dressing room and bathroom, which is intermingled with the pine forest views. The living room, the dining room and a central kitchen are in line interacting with the garden ending in the corner. The sun and its path create different scenes throughout the day. Openings in the cover slab both outdoors and indoors provide intermittent interplay of shadows and light. Two circular openings above the entrance, fixed panels over the dressing room and bathrooms on the ground floor and the comb-shaped concrete pergola create different spaces over the hours.