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Alamos House

Pinamar, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Intended for permanent residence, this single-family home was set in a flat corner lot of a little more than 900m2 in a new parceling in the North of Pinamar (seaside town in the Coast of Argentina) where the building density does not exceed two houses per block. Living, feeling, moving around, growing, enjoying and resting are some of the feelings that inspired the design.

The house is lifted from the ground leaving 94% of the lot area free. This creates a circulation on the ground level in which the landscape of pines blends with the barking of dogs and the sound of girls running, cycling and shouting under the house.

Far from being a superfluous or banal decision, making the house float over the terrain was the key action that makes sense to the house. To liberate the zero plane. And to do this, the architecture is simple –or at least it looks so-. Two pairs of leaning columns and a few concrete walls carry the structural loads to the sand lot.

Every day throughout the year, with different intensity and varying according to the time of the day and season, the shadows cast from the hanging concrete screen on the East, the brisolei and vegetation on the West, the holes on the iron sheet on the ground floor or through the fold on the cover slab over the living room, slip into the house modifying the interior/exterior space perception and generate different atmospheres.