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A thought that combines light, space and matter,
in search of expressive-functional balance

Design Solutions to Meet the Client's Needs

Estudio Galera is dedicated to the design, management and construction of architectural constructions providing complete solutions and appropriate responses to challenges. In this sense, the architectural studio becomes the right place to reformulate conventional issues related to architecture considering the environment, climate, economic and personal factors that might affect those people who will inhabit those places.
The methodology consists of the collection of data and analysis of the problem from different points of view towards ensuring the best results. Thus, the teamwork allows orderly planning and optimization of the resources.

The organization as regards management, documentation and communication enables developments to be achieved in a timely manner.
Cordiality, respect and personalize attention are key factors to enjoy the process. Therefore, the active participation of clients is essential so that the completion of projects can meet their expectations.


  • Estudio Galera is made up of different teams in which professionals make commitments according to customer requirements . We work as a team and horizontally where all opinions are valid and necessary . Once the work is assigned, they organize and distribute tasks to ensure resource optimization

  • Gral Madariaga - Argentina, 1987. Architect graduated in 2016.
    Collaborates in Estudio Galera since 2012 , parallel to teaching at the Juan Luis Vives Institute of the town of Villa Gesell ; and assistant in " Parametric Modeler " of architecture at the National University of Mar del Plata.

  • Architect graduated from the National University of Mar del Plata in 2003 , then perfected a graduate of Architecture and Technology issued by the Torcuato Di Tella University . Between 2003 and 2007 he worked in an architectural office of Cariló. In 2007 he opened Estudio Galera in Cariló , where are planned, directed and managed works on various subjects such as single family homes, multifamily , retail, furniture design and refunctionalization.

  • Architect received in 2004 from the National University of Mar del Plata , divides his time between professional development and teaching. In the field of architecture for architecture firms working in Mar del Plata, Mar de las Pampas and Cariló; Parallel to his work as a freelancer . He is teacher of both architecture and interior design. He works as a researcher in the "Group Communication" of the National University of Mar del Plata .

Set in the seaside city of Cariló, the Galera Studio is dedicated to the experimentation of architectural form, and the effects that natural light produces on it.

Light, space and matter, in search of expressive - functional balance

With a system of teamwork, the customer is incorporated as a key player in the design process. This active collaboration enables a feedback achieving mixed results, while the ownership of the user is assured . The structural experimentation , adaptation to the natural topography, and search for an expressive and functional architecture are the concerns that govern our philosophy and methodology.

1. Preliminary Design

Exchange of views
with the Client and
the architect´s proposal

(The stages may vary according to the importance of the project) Based on the data of the site, orientation, elevation, studies on the location of trees, the program requirements (upon the client´s request and suggestions) the architect starts working on the decision he considers to be the most appropriate. There is an active interchange of views with the client and the design is reinforced by evaluating the site and the construction methods to complete the work. At this stage the basic and primary documentation are made: plans, sections, views, digital mock-ups and video.

2. Project

In Every
Single Detail

The preliminary design is reinforced by working out the details of construction, elaborating the construction logs, structure drawings, redesign, carpentry drawings, installation plans. The team works together with the engineers to obtain structures, thermal calculations and electrical sizing. In addition, calculations are made to define the budget of materials and the unions involved.

3. Management

Submission of

Necessary documentation must be submitted before different control bodies to obtain all the building permits and service connection. (College of Architects, municipalities, energy agencies).

4. Project Management

Start up

The correct completion of all construction processes is verified. In this phase the construction is periodically monitored, the quality of the materials used and the construction based on the schedule are controlled. The construction management is related to the logistics and resolution of tasks on the site and verification that the methods used are those contained in the project drawings. This task involves taking responsibility and acting as a mediator with the clients and agencies.

2 September, 2019

Argentinian architectures with brick – Book

Casa Rincón selected to be part of the selection of contemporary brick architecture works.

Argentinian architectures with brick.- Each work is the result of the crossing of tangible and intangible variables that very rarely can be synthesized to count in a coherent way once the work is finished. Casa Rincón is perhaps one of the most rational works of our office, a very conditioned project where, as seldom the improbable time-economy-environment-labor-future variables were imposed from the beginning, it is so because of the imposition of reason The BRICK prevailed in this project as the material that had to fulfill the function of enclosure and structure. Develop in this post each of the specific reasons that justified the choice of the BRICK would make it extremely long, no doubt those reasons and others such as history, uses and relevance are expanded and developed in a general and comprehensive way in a book that we consider It must be part of the reference biography. Casa Rincón has just been published with 37 other works built in the Country by BISMAN EDICIONES and the UM, compiled under the name Arquitecturas Argentinas con Brick. This post is our way of thanking the editorial team for including our work in a book that is much more than a catalog of works that we are honored to be part of and that we insist on recommending for its quality and “Thickness” of content.-
The work compiles an extensive panorama of new architecture built with bricks in the whole country. Produced by Bisman Ediciones and co-edited with the UNICER group and the University of Morón, it also has the support of the Catholic University of Córdoba. “Brick is the most validated building material by the collective imaginary. His image accompanies the architecture of the entire planet since the beginning of time and, in Argentina, has developed a vast tradition, which is deeply detailed in the exciting historical chapter that introduces this book and that has prompted us to edit this publication , paradoxically absent until now, ”they said from Bisman Ediciones. In addition, to this set of recent works is added an analysis of iconic brick constructions from the colony until 2003. This compilation was made by the prestigious specialized historian Norberto Feal. The book also includes a series of technical notes made by the Unicer Group, the Faculty of Architecture, Design, Art and Urbanism of the University of Morón and the Faculty of Architecture of the Catholic University of Córdoba. Some of the studies whose works will be published in the book:
Arq. S. Viale + Arq. I. Dutari + Ing. A. Paz / Besonias Almeida Arquitectos + Luciano Kruk Arquitectos / MOARQS + Ottolenghi / Cekada-Romanos Arquitectos / Estudio Villafañe / Ventura Virzi Arquitectos / Raizalcubo Arquitectura / Estudio Arzubialde / Estudio BaBO / Estudiotrama + Arqtipo / Arquitecto Marco Rampulla / Diego Arraigada Arquitectos / BLT Arquitectos / Centro Cero Estudio / Alric Galindez Arquitectos + F. Lloveras / Miguel Ortego Arquitecto / Arq. Nicolás Campodonico / Estudio Botteri-Connell / Valeria del Vecchio Arquitecta / Estudio del Puerto – Sardin / Grinberg-Konterllnik arqs. / Federico Marinaro Arquitecto / Mariel Suarez Arquitecta / A4 Estudio / Estudio Borrachia Arquitectos / Nicolás Pinto da Mota arquitecto / Agustín Berzero y Valeria Jaros arquitectos / BAAG I Buenos Aires Arquitectura Grupal / Luli Marcuzzi Arq / LKM Arquitectos / Francisco Cadau Oficina de Arquitectura / 2.26 Arquitectos / Arqs. Julia Capomaggi + Laura Geraci / Arq. Pablo Senmartin / Oficina de Arq. del Poder Judicial de Santa Fe / Estudio Galera Arquitectura / Estudio Alarcia Ferrer / Estudio Cella / Valor Gris Arquitectura. Mas Imágenes del libro.-

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